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At AFM, we aim to help businesses be as prepared as possible to minimize potential loss. We believe in providing training and educational resources to our brokers and clients to make sure they get the most out of their partnership with AFM. By understanding the hazards, prevention tactics and risk factors associated with businesses, we are able to facilitate practical risk management solutions for all of our clients. When you partner with AFM, you'll have access to powerful online training courses, customized on-site training, pre-loss workshops and more.

Online Training Courses

Based on over 180 years of research and claims experience, our online training courses help brokers and clients understand and prepare for common loss drivers in various industries. Learning about general and industry-specific hazards is an empowering way for brokers and clients to stay current with risk management solutions and be better prepared for whatever potential loss they may face.

Some benefits of participating in online training courses:

  • Free to brokers and clients
  • Available 24/7/365
  • No downloads required—you simply need an Internet connection
  • Can pause and return to training when convenient
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Clients can integrate with their new employee training
  • Available for contractors and third-party service providers
  • Enterprise-wide programs can be monitored by corporate managers

To sign up, visit training.fmglobal.com or contact your account team.

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Customized On-Site Training

We have account engineers and consultant engineers available to provide personalized, on-site training on loss prevention techniques and best practices specific to your business or facilities. When you partner with AFM, our engineers can help guide your business on everything from implementing Red Tags for fire protection impairments to setting up a hot work permit program.

For customized training, contact your account engineer.

Client Workshops

AFM claims management experts are available for pre-loss visits to your business. There are potentially dozens of loss management measures your business can put in place, and our claims management experts can help come up with a plan that works for your business.

These visits are an excellent opportunity for:

  • Developing a detailed loss management plan
  • Discussing policy coverage questions
  • Touring specific sites
  • Assessing salvage potential of stock
  • Evaluating cost-effective methods for business resilience following a loss

AFM also offers access to exclusive client training at the FM Global SimZone facility in Norwood, Mass., USA. SimZone workshops provide customized, hands-on training in a state-of-the-art simulation facility for risk managers, operations managers and other staff that will benefit from understanding property hazards associated with your industry.

To schedule a Pre-Loss Workshop or SimZone Workshop for your business, contact your account team.

Broker Training

AFM offers brokers exclusive training opportunities as well. It is beneficial for brokers partnering with AFM to understand property risks, loss prevention and our risk appetite, and how to compare policies and services. We do our best to facilitate that education.

AFM holds policy workshops throughout the year, around the world. Not only do these workshops help brokers better understand our policy, they often come with the benefit of continuing education credits. Inquire with your account team regarding upcoming workshops and events near you.

Twice a year, we offer a Property Insurance Essentials course in Norwood, Mass., USA. This 2 ½-day course provides highly interactive hands-on training, packed with practical insights and tools and includes a tour of the FM Global SimZone facility. This training is by invitation only, so please speak with your production underwriter for consideration.

Our Broker Engineering Forum is another excellent program for our broker partners. This program gives brokers a chance to experience the science and research behind AFM Risk Report recommendations and offers a rare look inside risks associated with property exposures. This program, which includes a tour of the FM Global Research Campus, is by invitation only, so please speak with your account team for more information or consideration.