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Cyber Resilience Solutions

Cyber Resilience Solutions

Cyber Resilience Solutions is a robust combination of risk assessment, risk engineering and risk transfer—all designed to enhance business resilience.

AFM understands that cyber threats are a growing concern in the middle market. To address this, our proVision® policy has evolved to accommodate modern cyber challenges.

Our proVision policy provides broad property coverage for common cyber threats, such as the introduction of a virus or other malware, denial-of-service attacks, and events that cause the interruption of data services. Our proVision policy treats data as insured property, and physical loss or damage to this property includes its destruction, distortion or corruption—whether caused by traditional perils or virus.

No matter what industry your business serves, cyber risks are growing rapidly. Partnering with AFM gives you comprehensive cyber coverage to help keep your business confident and secure in today's digital landscape.

Our cyber coverage combined with powerful risk assessment and mitigation strategies form our Cyber Resilience Solutions. As a member of the FM Global Group, AFM approaches cyber the same way we approach any risk, with a combination of research, engineering and underwriting. The engineering component to Cyber Resilience Solutions is our Cyber Risk Assessment, which examines potential exposure across three critical areas: physical security, information security and industrial control systems.


The AFM proVision policy treats data as insured property. When a destruction, distortion or corruption of data occurs as the result of a virus, you'll be covered under the proVision policy. Malware coverage includes the cost to repair, replace or restore data; costs to temporarily protect data from damage; and business interruption loss during the time needed to recreate or restore the affected data. Because your insured data is covered on a worldwide basis, data is also covered in the event of damage occurring at a third-party location—such as a data center.


The proVision policy provides coverage for malicious acts that result in the failure of electronic data processing (EDP) equipment or media to operate. When targeted by a denial-of-service attack, a computer network may become disabled or interrupted by overwhelming illegitimate traffic. In the event of a denial-of-service attack, you'll receive coverage for business interruption loss at the insured location, as well as costs to temporarily protect insured EDP equipment against further cyber-attack.

Cloud and Other Off-Premise Data Service

In the event of a loss resulting from interruption of data processing services, such as cloud computing, ISPs and email—including the transmission of voice, data or video—you'll be covered under the proVision policy. Physical damage isn't required. This interruption could be due to any accidental event—including events triggered by cyber-attacks—at a service provider's facilities. In the event of a loss affecting cloud and off-premise data services, you'll be covered for property damage and business interruption on a worldwide basis, including even satellite transmission.

Resulting Damage

The AFM proVision policy also covers cyber-attacks that result in a physical loss to property other than data, such as machinery and computer equipment not otherwise excluded under the policy. This coverage also considers the resulting business interruption loss associated with the resulting physical property loss. An example of this type of loss would be a virus affecting a manufacturing plant control system that causes machinery to overheat to the point of mechanical failure.

Cyber Optimal Recovery Endorsement

To supplement the proVision policy's cyber protections, AFM has introduced a unique Cyber Optimal Recovery endorsement. This allows clients to maximize recovery following a cyber loss by giving them the option to choose how their primary and cyber policies interact.