Boiler & Machinery Coverage

Every business is susceptible to mechanical and electrical equipment breakdown. Damage to the boiler systems and machinery you rely on can bring your business to a sudden halt. At AFM, we're all about helping you avoid breakdowns, losses and downtime. We can assess your business's boiler and machinery maintenance program, and check for leakage, corrosion or overheating to help keep your equipment running smoothly. In addition, we offer jurisdictional services to help make sure your boilers and machinery meet inspection requirements.

And, in the event of a breakdown, you can be confident that AFM's proVision® policy provides superior coverage. We've included Boiler & Machinery coverage to the blanket limit in your proVision policy to help ensure that if your machinery or equipment breaks down, your business gets back to work as fast as possible.

The Boiler & Machinery coverage included in your proVision policy is backed by the strength of FM Global. FM Global was recently named the best insurer for "property" and "boiler & machinery" in National Underwriter Property & Casualty magazine's 2017 Risk Manager Choice Awards.