ProVision Policy

Our proVision® policy offers broad all-risk coverage in a comprehensive yet easy-to-navigate form. The document is concise and the policy language is clear and straightforward, ensuring contract certainty. In addition to covering Real Property, Personal Property and Business Interruption, the base proVision platform offers numerous advantages, including coverage for first-party property cyber loss, equipment breakdown and supply chain disruption.

If you have locations in more than one country, you can easily add the Master Policy Endorsement to provide seamless coverage between your master policy and the locally admitted policies. AFM offers consistent coverage for our clients' assets around the world.

Enhancements to the core form also are available via industry-specific endorsements for real estate, healthcare, retail, condominium and education occupancies. By adding one or more endorsements to the core form, we can customize coverage to provide a policy that will create maximum value and protection. Your Real Property, Personal Property and Business Interruption values can then be combined under one comprehensive single blanket limit. This gives your business maximum flexibility in the event of a catastrophic loss.