AFM Impairment Services

Impairment Services

When properly installed and maintained, a fire protection sprinkler system can be the best defense in protecting property from catastrophic loss. An impaired sprinkler system significantly increases the risk of substantial loss to your business. Our engineers can work with you to establish an impairment management process that will meet your needs.

Impairment Process

Here's what you can expect when you report an impairment to AFM:

Our offices are located worldwide and are prepared to assist with planned or emergency impairments that may occur.

Local Service, Serviced Worldwide
Should the need for assistance arise, we help you assess the extent of the impairment, coordinate temporary protection and facilitate a timely return to service.

Area-Wide Response
We respond to impairments caused by events such as underground main breaks, floods or power outages that affect many clients at once. As soon as we receive notification of such an event, we canvass affected clients and assist them in managing the event.

Expert Loss Prevention
A qualified property loss prevention engineer helps you better understand the risks associated with impairments and assists in minimizing the risk and duration of your service interruption.

Reliable Follow-Up
All impairments are tracked from notification to resolution to ensure that protection is restored as soon as possible.

Customer Service Desk

If circumstances warrant disabling a fire protection sprinkler system, our customer service desk is available to help clients carefully remove only the necessary systems from service. The customer service desk can also provide reminders and helpful advice about bringing affected systems back online as soon as possible.

Red Tag and eTag Permit Systems

The FM Global Red Tag Permit System helps to ensure your property isn't overexposed to catastrophic loss that could have been mitigated with a properly functioning sprinkler system. AFM brokers and clients have access to online training resources to learn effective Red Tag Permit implementation. Permits are available via the FM Global Resource Catalog or through your account engineer.

Clients can replace the paper form of the Red Tag Permit System with a new technology called Red eTag. Red eTag allows clients to manage valve impairments online. To use the Red eTag system, visit and enter the required impairment information to get started.

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