AFM Express

If you are a middle market broker who would like to know more about protection of commercial and industrial property, consider attending AFM Express, a two-hour virtual experience to be held April 14.  

On this journey, you will visit the FM Global Research Campus, where we study every facet of fire and explosion, and our SimZone, where we simulate all manner of property hazards. In addition to learning from our engineering experts, you will gain valuable insights from our seasoned underwriting and claims professionals.


  • Witness a demonstration of a large burn fire
  • Experience sprinklers in action
  • Get tips on responding to the question: “Is that covered?”
  • Explore the impact that differences in policy wording have on the cost of risk

For more information

If you would like to elevate your knowledge as a trusted advisor to your property clients, this event is for you. Speak with your production underwriter to be considered. Attendees can choose one of three live sessions on April 14.