Are your clients prepared?

In response to historic levels of civil unrest, AFM has developed a checklist to help business owners protect property from vandalism and their operations from disruption. The checklist includes steps you can take right now and action to be taken if an event is imminent.

Here are a few tips:

  • Consider building up inventory to mitigate supply chain interruption.
  • Explore options for employees to work remotely.
  • Follow the news so you can plan for events that could trigger unrest, such as elections, controversial court decisions and protests with a potential to turn unruly.
  • As an event grows in likelihood, remove debris, especially combustible material, from outside buildings. Work to keep your building envelope intact to help prevent incendiary devices from getting thrown in and looters from accessing the building.
  • Relocate valuable equipment and merchandise.

For more guidance on how businesses can prepare for, mitigate and recover from riots and civil commotion, consult your AFM account team or view this checklist.