Middle market clients around the world that work with AFM enjoy broad coverage and an easy experience including a new, simplified form.

Our engineering services help us identify “best-in-class” clients, then work with them to improve their risk profile in a way that’s appropriate to their business objectives.

Our programs are built on the proVision policy platform that provides clients with:

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Industry-specific coverage

Clients in different businesses have different exposures. AFM has developed a specialized property form, the proVision 4100, which can be tailored with one or multiple segment endorsements to meet the unique needs of each client.

Clients should have easy access to the coverage they need. That’s why AFM provides the proVision 4100 endorsements to address the different exposures of Condominium, Education, Health Care, Real Estate and Retail business owners. Each is built on the comprehensive proVision platform and includes specific extensions of coverage and special terms and conditions that these types of clients need. Our new form is comprehensive, concise, and easy to navigate. It is seamless coverage that aims to specifically address exposures.


A comprehensive single blanket limit

By combining Real Property, Personal Property and Business Interruption values into a single limit, clients have maximum flexibility during catastrophic loss.

A Comprehensive Single Blanket Limit

Single-limit coverage provides clients with greater flexibility. Let’s say there is a significant fire loss at a warehouse with reported inventory (personal property) values of US$25 million. Unfortunately, this fire occurred during peak inventory time and there was actually US$35 million in inventory at the time of the loss. If the client has separate limits for real property (RP) and personal property (PP) their PP loss may be limited to the reported US$25 million. However, if they have one single blanket limit, there is some buffer for the PP values to use the total limit of US$135 million.

In addition, AFM’s proVision policy gives coverage on a replacement-cost basis with no margin clause or coinsurance.