Hands-on learning

AFM clients share lessons learned at SimZone

Would you like to know more about control of hazards such as ignitable liquid, combustible dust, electrical systems and industrial heating equipment? If so, talk with your AFM account team member about training at our SimZone, a simulation training facility that was built in 2011 and, due to its popularity, was expanded with the opening of the FM Global Learning Center in May. Here are a few comments from clients who recently attended the three-day workshop at the SimZone called "Foundations of Property Loss Prevention:"

  • Mike Luppino, maintenance technician, Winstanley Enterprises, Massachusetts, USA, said the workshop "filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge. The training was very well run, informative and engaging."
  • Kerry Horrigan, senior project manager, Orlando Corporation, Toronto, Canada, said it was "probably the best hands-on training program I have ever attended."
  • Kip Edwards, risk and safety coordinator, City of Boise (Idaho, USA), said he learned a great deal from the workshop and called the Learning Center "an amazing training facility."
  • Scott Edwards, director of building services, Touchmark, Oregon, USA, said, "This training exposed me to areas I hadn’t seen/known. I can see many benefits/services we need to use that AFM provides, from design review to community inspections."

The workshop, held in Norwood, Mass., USA, is limited to 28 people so clients can enjoy the benefit of working in small groups to get the most out of each activity. In addition to exploring controls for a wide range of hazards, the workshop includes hands-on training on the inspection, testing and maintenance of critical fire protection equipment.

What information did these clients find most valuable for their nursing homes, warehouses, office buildings, municipal buildings and other facilities?

  • Pros and cons of various types of roof and wall assemblies
  • The importance of properly racking pallets; storage requirements for warehouses
  • How to determine fire suppression types
  • The importance of regular inspection and testing of sprinkler risers and fire pumps
  • Seven common boiler hazards

What are actions these clients plan to take after attending the workshop?

  • "Meet with AFM to develop action plans to implement ongoing best practices for all areas covered in this training."
  • "Engage field engineer more during the design stage of green field projects."
  • "Instruct my warehouse tenants on keeping flue spaces in racking."
  • Encourage those tenants who are responsible for their own sprinkler systems to "follow through with proper regular inspections and testing."
  • "I look forward to leveraging all the services AFM provides to their partners."
  • "Foundations of Property Loss Prevention" is available to clients by invitation only. To find out more about upcoming workshops, contact an AFM account team member. In addition, you can learn more about property loss prevention by taking free online courses on such topics as Handling Ignitable Liquid, Managing Dust and Proper Boiler Operation. These and other courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through AFM's Training Center.