Four cyber scenarios: Videos show how AFM's first-party property coverages respond

As cyber risks continue to evolve, brokers and clients often ask us to share loss scenarios. To meet this need, AFM not only created four realistic loss scenarios, but short explainer videos to go with them. Here are the four scenarios:

  • Denial-of-service attack: An apparel company’s computer systems are flooded with illegitimate traffic and can no longer accept sales made through its website, resulting in a business interruption loss.
  • Resulting damage: A publishing company’s printing press is hacked and breaks down. It cannot be repaired for six weeks, resulting in significant downtime.
  • Cloud and other off-premises data services: An apparel company, which uses a cloud service provider to host its online storefront for internet sales, suffers a cyber-attack that leaves customers unable to connect with the hosted website, resulting in business interruption.
  • Malware: Hackers introduce a virus into the computer network of a toy and electronic game manufacturing company, destroying applications, servers, files, intranet sites and backup data.

How would the proVision 4100® cover these scenarios? Just click the four links above to find out. Each video is less than two minutes long.

For nearly two decades, AFM has included first-party property cyber coverage in its proVision policy. Our market-leading coverage got even broader this year when we extended all cyber coverages in our proVision 4100 core form to apply on a worldwide basis, and also enhanced our cloud coverage. For a one-page summary of our cyber coverages, check out the AFM Cyber Coverage Matrix. For more information on our cyber solutions, please contact your production underwriter.

Note: Any examples provided here are hypothetical and coverage depends on policy wording.