Around the world, AFM, a “best-in-class” middle market property insurer, is exploring new ways to expand and tailor coverage to meet our brokers’ and client’s ever-evolving business challenges. Drawing on the full strength of the FM Global Group, we help our clients choose how to best identify, prioritize and reduce future loss in a way that makes practical and affordable sense.

We distribute our property insurance products and engineering solutions exclusively through a network of brokers. We value long-term relationships that provide the realization of greater value by deploying the skills of our highly trained account engineers and production underwriters.

Brokers are at the core of our business model; we view them as collaborators. We work hard to provide them with proven product and service differentials that they can deliver to their clients, helping them win and retain business.

We believe that clients don’t have to be vulnerable to catastrophic property loss. With nearly 180 years of engineering experience and research behind us, we have developed intelligent, cost-effective solutions that create opportunities to build resiliency into any middle market company.

Be sure to explore our site to learn more about our broad coverage, competitive pricing, claims handling, financial strength, engineering services, stable capacity, property expertise and international capabilities.

Corporate Address

270 Central Avenue
Johnston, RI 02919

Phone: +1 (1)401 275 3000
Fax: +1 (1)401 944 9477